The Wild Coast

Introduction Rugged Summer Utility Layers By the Cove

A journey over dirt roads, through the desert; discovering hidden coves and connections with nature. A new season of rugged utilitywear finds adventure on the Wild Coast of South Africa

-33.779, 19.359

Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve

10:02 AM

Rugged Summer

Mixing utilitywear with bright seasonal shades and classic Polo designs creates a fresh kind of summer style

“Dressing can be an adventure.”

33.434, 19.254

Brandvlei Dam

04:36 PM

-34.224, 18.838

Kogel Bay Beach

07:25 PM

By the Cove

Swim shorts, sun-faded shirts, and easy layers that are perfect for a windswept coast

“The sky. The earth. The rocks and trees. I want him to experience her beauty. The way we lived it.”